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100+ Jaw-dropping Hockey Pick Up Lines

100+ Jaw-dropping Hockey Pick Up Lines

Score goal with hockey pick up lines you never tried before. Learn some finer points to steal his or her hearts. Memorize one dialogue and talk about their game. Smoothly ask your crush if you can slip one past your goalie. Show your true potential to claim the throne. Rough sports hockey demands a strong will to convince them. Your way of approach with good hockey pick up lines will be a very crucial deciding factor.

A two-team game Hockey term first recorded in a book. The book Juvenile Sports and Pastimes was written in 1773. Hockey is considered one of the most ancient games. One 4000-year-old carving discovered in Egypt is featured in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. Two humans playing with curved sticks and a ball beautifully engraved on it. Have basic knowledge about the Hockey origin for deep conversation.

You can read Best Pick Up Lines for more ideas. Before you get the best pick up lines for hockey players to a little more. You know there are many Subtypes of Hockey:

  1. Bandy
  2. Field hockey
  3. Ice hockey
  4. Roller hockey
  5. Street hockey

One must have basic knowledge about the sport. Sportspeople connect easily with someone who understands. Life partner or in a casual relationship their passion requires mental support. Someone matured enough to give that space. The one who will push them to achieve their goals. Once you can do these you will be blessed to have the fittest partner in your life.

Top 10 Best Hockey Pick Up Lines

Are you looking for the best hockey pick up lines? Allure your crush by telling you are ready with the protection. You will not knock out early like others. Approach confidently and prepare your lines well. The top 10 tested pick up lines to use on hockey players are:

No. Top 10 Best Hockey Pick Up Lines
1 If you give me your name and number, I would get you a customized jersey.
2 I bet my stick would feel great in your crease.
3 I know you are a goalie but I hope you don’t stop me from scoring tonight.
4 You heard right: I only take off this mask for two things.
5 I’m good on the ice, but I’m GREAT in bed!
6 Well if I can’t score, can I get an assist?
7 Can you tell your tendy to look the other way while I slip one?
8 I didn’t need to know your d*ck curves to the left!
9 Want to learn how to play hockey? How about we watch videos of the game in my room, girl?
10 You know, my hockey stick isn’t the only thing that’s hard.

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Cheesy Hockey Pick Up Lines

Handsome cheesy hockey pick up lines to win him or her. Do it like a pro without pushing too much.

11. C’mon baby, the iceman cometh… but never too soon.
12. I’ve been called a dirty player but lets just see how dirty we can get tonight.
13. What do you say we drop the gloves and go at it?
14. If you play ice hockey, I can teach you a few new tricks in order to warm yourself up, baby.
15. Baby, you have such nice pair of skates, I want to take them off of you right this moment.
16. Do you play hockey? ‘Cause I wouldn’t mind poke-checking you.
17. Hey, I feel that I can be natural with you because you are so beurduffle.
18. I could slip one past your tendy if you let me.
19. I am good on the ice, would you like to see another place I am good at?
20. I can prove to you that Gretzky is not the only great one.

Come in for a penalty is on field hockey pick up lines.

21. How would you like a puck? Because you got ‘em nice Skates.
22. Is your box free? Because I need to come in for a penalty.
23. Cheerleaders might jump and scream for football players on the field, but they do their best dances in the hockey players’ beds.
24. I’m ready to get a 5 min misconduct. Cause I am ready to hit you from behind tonight.
25. Life is better when we stick together.
26. Do you think I stand a chance of scoring with you?
27. Do you think you could slip one past my goalie?
28. I’d let you score on my 5-hole.
29. I may be toothless, sweaty, and all black and blue, but I make a mean quiche Lorain.
30. How about a 5-minute penalty in my box.

Custom textured for your pleasure is hockey goalie pick up lines.

31. You know, fewer teeth means more tongue!
32. Do you want to be my assist?
33. Hey girl, want to be the manager of all my equipment including the one inside my pants?
34. The grip on my stick is custom textured for your pleasure.
35. I’ll slam you into a wall like Wayne Gretzky.
36. You have not seen a hat-trick like mine. You are getting an offer too. I must warn you, it is terrible.
37. If you were a puck, I’d never shoot. Because I would always miss you.
38. Hey, blah blah, smart hockey remark, sticks, and creases pick up line, blah blah. Do you want to go on a date?
39. I bet I can score on your 5-hole
40. Do you have a jersey? Because I need your name and number.

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Cute Hockey Pick Up Lines

Lovely cute hockey pick up lines to melt hearts. Not everyone desires rough games.

41. What do you say you poke-check me real quick?
42. Despite the fact that I am the better skater, I would still recruit you for my tonsil hockey team.
43. Call icing on me, I’ll blow your whistle.
44. You think Zdeno Chara has a long stick? Wait until you see mine!
45. If I said I’d like to score on you tonight would you think I was being too forward?
46. Do you want to kiss someone without teeth?
47. Ever kiss a guy with no teeth?
48. I’m Zam. How would you like a Zamboni ride?
49. How much does a Zamboni weigh?
50. Would you like a PUCK?

Cross the Blue Line is hockey pick up lines cute.

51. Can I slip one past your goalie?
52. You must be Stanley because you have a beautiful cup.
53. Hey, would you like to hold my shaft for a couple?
54. In case you haven’t noticed, girl, I am so hooked on you, I want to let you know about that.
55. Wanna see my “hat-trick?”
56. Nice Skates…Wanna Cross the Blue Line with Me?
57. I do not remember my name but I think they call me Zam. How about a Zamboni ride for that?
58. Let me tell you a secret, I am Stanley, I have a Cup which I could show you if you do not tell on me.
59. I’m not wearing hockey pads.
60. Can you show me your hockey jersey? I want to know what your number is.

See my cup is naughty hockey pick up lines girl to guy.

61. If you were a puck, I swear I would never ever shoot you because I would miss you always.
62. We’re gonna go beat up Scott Hamilton. Wanna come?
63. We can just drop all out gloves here right now and just have a good try on what we can do.
64. Wanna see my Wellwood?
65. Even if you’re into hockey, I don’t want you to be my one-timer. I want you to be my everyday-timer!
66. You have fewer teeth because of the game? It’s alright, it gives more room for tongue action.
67. Hi, my name’s Stanley… wanna see my cup?
68. Did you know that my stick curves to the right?
69. Are you a hockey player? Because I need someone who plays rough.
70. Wanna ride my Zam-boner?

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Dirty Hockey Pick Up Lines

Spicy dirty hockey pick up lines to turn on your crush. Take the game straight to the goal post.

71. I need a new equipment manager, do you think you could fill that spot?
72. Want to be in my tonsil hockey team?
73. I’m really good at slap shots. Do you want me to show you?
74. They say hockey is a fun game to play I bet you can play with me too I’ll be a nice boy for you.
75. You must be Ilya Kovalchuk because you are outta my League!
76. Want to puck me?
77. I have a curved stick. Would you like to check it out sometime? I could let you even play with it.
78. I give roughing a whole new definition.
79. Nice skates… Wanna puck?
80. Is it just a coincidence? Because my name is Stanley and I own a Cup.

Hold my shaft is corny hockey pick up lines.

81. Since you have made it clear that I cannot score, could I at least, get an assist?
82. Want to hold my shaft?
83. I didn’t get a goal tonight, but I feel like I could score right now
84. Do you know what they say about hockey players? They can always find the opening!
85. Hey baby. Let’s cross the blue line together!
86. I just committed a penalty, can I spend 2 minutes in your box?
87. If I can’t score, can I at least get an assist?
88. Hi, I’m Zam. How would you like a Zamboni ride?
89. Football players get cheerleaders, but hockey players bring them home.
90. I think you just tripped me, ’cause I just fell for you.

Zdeno Chara is funny hockey pick up lines.

91. Look, my teeth spell out “I love you” in block letters!
92. Did you trip me while we were playing hockey just now? Because I really fell hard for you.
93. Would you let me display it? I can make a score on your 5-hole.
94. Do you know what Zdeno Chara and I have in common? Freakishly long sticks.
95. I’ve gone five-hole ten times today, can I try a you-hole?
96. C’mon baby, the iceman cometh… but never too soon.
97. Wanna see my other stick that curves a little to the left?
98. I’m not a dirty player on the hockey field. Just in bed.
99. I got scolded by the referee today for hooking but I told him it wasn’t my fault I’m hooked.
100. Let me show you that I’m good for more than just a one-timer.

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1. What are the best hockey pick up lines Tinder?

Would you like to know how life can be if we stick together?

2. What are the best dirty hockey pick up lines?

If you were a puck I’d never shoot. I’d always miss you.

3. What are the best hockey pick up lines to use on guys?

You wanna be my equipment manager?

4. What are the best hockey player pick up lines on girls?

Unlike my hockey stick, my stick is dead straight.

5. What is the best pick up lines to use on a hockey player?

Hey, you just tripped me! Better do something about it for I am falling for you!

Jaw-dropping Hockey Pick Up Lines
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