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150+ Best Deez Nuts Jokes that will make you laugh

The Internet is flooded with new jokes every day, but some old jokes are still mentioned frequently. These gags are easy to spot for long-time internet users. Since the early 2010s, you’ll only recognize terms like “loss” and “Deez nuts” if you’ve been on the Internet. Deez Nuts Jokes still has the nation buzzing.

Setting up your innocent people, then boom!, is half the joy of Deez nuts jokes. You delivered your finest Deez nuts joke to them.

Deez nuts jokes got increasingly popular over time. They have become inextricably linked to the Internet’s language. The phrase’s popularity was boosted significantly by a presidential candidate from the United States named “Deez Nuts” who ran in the 2016 elections.

Best Deez nuts jokes

Here are some of the Best Deez nuts jokes which are trendy as well.

  • Teacher: In all your subjects I am giving you D’s.
    Student: Well, I am also going to be giving you D’s.
    Teacher: What do you mean?
    Student: Deez nuts!
  • Hey, I met someone at the store today who said that they were actually ugondese.”
    – Where’s that, I’ve never heard of it.
    Set location to UgonDeez nuts
  • You: teacher, what’s 4 x 2?
    Teacher: eight
    You: eight Deez Nuts
  • Mom, can I borrow your car?
    – No, you can’t. Why don’t you borrow Deez nuts!?
  • Knock knock.
    Who’s there?
    Dee who?
    Deez nuts.
  • Did you like the plot in this film?
    – Nah. I believe we can come up with a better one.
    So you want to come and film Deeeeeez Nuts!
  • I bought a guh on the weekend. (whats a guh?) a GUHZZLE DEEZ NUTS!
  • Friend A: Do you like tulips? Friend B: Sure, why? Friend A: Because you are going to love your ‘two lips’ on Deez Nuts!
  • Friend A: I’m sorry that SAKON never called you back. Friend B: Who is SAKON? Friend A: SAK-ON Deez Nuts!
  • Excuse me but do you Bofa?
    Bofa? I don’t think so?
    Bofa deez nuts!
  • Wanna join me on a trip to The Andes?
    -The Andes? Where’s that supposed to be?
    It’s right next to the valley of An Deez Nuts!
  • Have you seen the film Bofa?
    -Bofa? Who is in it?
    Bofa deez nuts.
  • How do you say “Yes, you look good” in Spanish?
    – Si…
    See Deez Nuts!
  • What is Mr. Peanut’s favorite online meme?
    HA! GOT EEM!
  • “I’m sorry that Suko never called you back”
    “Who is Suko?”
  • Hey, are you hungry or thirsty?
    I’m thirsty/hungry.
    You can have some of deez nuts.
    I don’t need nuts. I want to drink water!
  • I am so sick of this. This sucks!
    – What sucks?
    You suck on Deez Nuts!
  • A conversation in a bakery:
    – Hello, is everything fresh around here
    – Yes, everything is fresh from today.
    – Okay, can I get a sample of something?
    – Yes, what would you like to try?
    – Let’s see, I wonder how Deez Nuts taste.
  • Do you know Landon?
    Landon who?
    Trip, fall and landon deez nuts!
    Be careful! You wouldn’t want to land on someone’s nuts!

Good Deez nuts jokes

Looking for Good Deez nuts jokes then you should check this list of jokes.

  • Honey, I’m hungry. What food do you have at your place?
    Well, I have some nuts…
    – What nuts?
    Deez Nuts!
  • What size are you wearing?
    -I’m wearing double D’s. Why do you ask?
    Cus I want to get some more of Deez Nuts.
  • How did your doctor’s appointment go?
    – It was OK, but I have a vitamin D deficiency. I need to spend more time outside.
    I can help you to get that D.
    I’m willing to give you some of Deez Nuts!
  • Do you have vaseline? Vase-LEAN in and Kiss Deez Nuts!
  • Josh, I think we need some time apart.
    – Baby, why would you say that to me?
    Because I’m tired from Deez Nuts!
  • Can you move that?
    – Move what?
    Move Deez Nuts!
  • Hey there, what kind of music do you like?
    – Oh, I like Green Day, Eminem, you know that type of stuff.
    Do you like Imagine Dragons?
    -Yeah sure.
    Imagine dragging deez nuts over your head.
  • Do you want to come with me to the West Indies?
    – The West Indies?
    Yes, in Deez Nuts!
  • “Honeys be like “Meth”; I be like “What?”.
    “We want some free CDs”; I be like “See Deez Nuts!”
  • Hi there, I heard that you are a huge fan of Dee.
    – Dee who?
    Deez nuts!
  • What did one nut say to the other nut?
    A: Candice Deez Nuts fit in my mouth
  • Hey, do you smell that?
    – Nope. What does it smell like?
    It smells like Deez Nuts!
  • What did the wind say to the palm tree? Hold onto your nuts this is no ordinary blow job. -Anonymous
  • Friend A: Do you like pudding? Friend B: Sure. Friend C: Well how about pudding deez nuts in your mouth.
  • Don’t sit on that!
    – Sit on what?
    SIT ON Deez Nuts!
  • Excuse me but do you like Wendys?
    Yes why?
    Because you are going to love when deez nuts hit you in the face.
  • Friend A: Did Kenya text you? Friend B: Who’s Kenya? Friend A: Ken-ya fit deez nuts in your mouth?
  • Have you met my friend Phillip?
    Phillip who?
    Phillip on Deez Nuts.
  • Do you know what happened in Kenya today?
    – No, but you’re about to tell me.
    Today Kenya FIT DEEZ NUTS in your mouth.
  • I think you should be a goblin this halloween.
    – A goblin? Why is that?
    Goblin bofa deez nuts

Unique Deez nuts jokes ideas

Here are a unique collection of Deez nuts jokes.

  • A Pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel attached to his d**k. The Bartender asks him why And the Pirate says: Argh, It’s driving me nuts. -Zane
  • Friend A: Hey, are you leaving this? Friend B: Leaving what? Friend C: Leaving Deez Nuts in your mouth!
  • Friend A: Hey, I think you need some of these. Friend B: Some of these what? Friend A: Some of Deez Nuts.
  • Do you like Vanessa Paradis?
    Yeah sure
    How about a pair of deez nuts.
  • Friend A: It’s hard to talk about it these days. Friend B: Talk about what? Friend A: Deez Nuts in your mouth.
  • Excuse me, can you spell the word “indeed” for me please?
    – No problem. I-N-D…
    IN Deez Nuts!
  • Friend A: I can’t believe they have stayed together for more than 30 years! Friend B: Who? Friend A: Deez nuts!
  • Have you heard about my friend Willya? Because…
    Willya suck deez nuts gotem
  • Do you guys want some of my goodies?
    – Yes, we do!
    Okay, here’s a bag of good Deez Nuts!
  • Where’s your munyayo?
    – Huh? What’s that?
  • I love Chef Boyardee’s pasta!
    – Why do you love it?
    Because Chef BOY-AR-Deez Nuts are always tasty!
  • What kind of nuts get bad grades?
    Deez nuts
  • Do you know Mr. Felfor that lives next door?
    – Mr. Feltfor? I don’t think so. Why?
    Because you FELL FOR DEEZ NUTS!
  • What was the other name for Native Americans?
    – You mean Indians?
    I mean Deez Nuts!
  • Excuse me but are you Mr. Landese?
    – Yes, I am. Why?
    I saw you have some of Deez Nuts on your porch.
  • Me: Do you find parodies funny?
    Friend: Yeah, sometimes I do.
    Me: Well, how about a pair of Deez Nuts Enya Mouth?!
  • Friend A: Do you like parodies? Friend B: Yes, kind of. Me: Well, how about a Pair-o-Deez Nuts?
  • Friend A: Sorry, I can’t control it. Friend B: Control what? Friend A: Control how big Deez Nuts are!
  • Friend A: Who is Barbie’s boyfriend? Friend B: Ken Friend A: Ken you fit deez nuts in your mouth??
  • Me: Do you like parodies?
    Victim: uh…yeah sometimes
    Me: well how’d you like a pair o’ Deez NUTS ENYA Mouth?!

Deez Nuts Jokes

Funny Deez nuts jokes

  • Friend A: Has anyone told you that you look exactly like Phil? Friend B: Who is Phil? Friend C: Feel deez nuts!
  • Excuse me but do you like pudding?
    -Yes, of course.
    Well how about pudding deez nuts in your mouth.
  • Can you imagine dragons flying in the sky?
    Yes, I can.
    Then Imagine dragging Deez Nuts across your mouth.
  • Hey bro, I need some of these.
    -Some of what?
    Soma Deez Nuts
  • Have you met my friend Phillip?
    – Phillip who?
    Phillip on deez nuts.
  • Hey Paul, is Phil there?
    – There’s no Phil here…
    PHIL Deez Nuts!
  • “Hey, do you want some tape and CD’s?”
    “What am I gonna do with that?”
    “You can tape my dick to your forehead so you can See Deez Nuts!
  • Friend A: Dee asked me out yesterday. Friend B: who’s Dee? Friend A: Dee’z Nuts!
  • “Honeys be like “Meth”; I be like “What?”.
    “We want some free CDs”; I be like “See Deez Nuts!”
  • Honey, why are you leaving them here?
    – Leaving what?
    Leaving Deez nuts in your mouth!
  • Friend A: I would like to go to the SEKON convention. Friend B: What’s SEKON? Friend A: SEKON Deez Nuts!
  • Me: Have you ever been to Chewons?
    You: No. What’s Chewons?
    Me: Chew on Deez Nuts
  • Friend A: Something came in the mail today for you. Friend B: What? Friend A: Deez Nuts! (Got ‘eeem!)
  • Teacher: On this homework, you got a D grade. Student: Well I am also going to be giving you D’s. Teacher: What do you mean? Student: Deez nuts.
  • Have you ever heard about the Russian millionaire Ivan Putindese?
    – Ivan Putindese?
    Yes, the Ivan PutinDEEZ Nuts!
  • Hey pal, I heard that you are Dee’s friend.
    – Who’s Dee?
    Deez Nuts!
  • ​Afghan person: Assalamu alaykum, what will happen to the DN under Taliban rule?
    American person: What do you mean by DN?
    Afghan person: Deez nuts
  • Do you prefer the Yankees or the Expos?
    Expos deez nuts!
    Yank on deez nuts!
  • Excuse me but do you Bofa?
    – Bofa? I don’t think so?
    Bofa deez nuts!
  • “Ask someone “Do you want to see BofA?” They respond “Sure, why not?” You then call out “BofA Deeeeeez Nuts!” It is then up to you whether you honor their request to actually see BofA”
  • Do you drink orange juice?
    -Yes, I do.
    Did you know that the orange juice SunnyD is bad for you?
    – I dont know the…
    Sunny Deez Nuts!
  • Hey, I heard that you are a huge fan of Dee.
    Dee who?
    Deez nuts!
    And I thought it was Dee Dee from Dexter’s Laboratory!
  • Good morning. I would like to know who’s in charge around here?
    – Well, Deas is in charge. Do you know him?
    Nope, I dont. Can you give me his number or his Instagram?
    – Sure, if you want to have Deez Nuts so bad, I’ll give them to you.

Bofa Deez nuts jokes

  • Friend A: do you know Justin? Friend B: Justin Bieber? Friend A: Justin Time for Deez Nuts!
  • Hey, are you hungry or thirsty?
    – Yes, I am.
    You can have some of Deez nuts.
  • What is your favourite day of the week? Mine is Wednesday.
    – I don’t know. Why Wednesday?
    Because that’s the only day when you can eat Deez Nuts.
  • Friend A: Do y​ou wanna play with these? Friend B: Play with what? Friend A: Play with Deez Nuts
  • Excuse me, do you sell Foshake?
    – Foshake? I don’t think so?
    Foshake Deez Nuts!
  • Friend A: Did you hear about my friend Willya? Friend B: hmm no Frienc A: Willya suck Deez Nuts…
  • You: Dee asked me out yesterday.
    Friend: who’s this guy Dee?
    You: Deez Nuts!
  • Friend A: Knock, knock. Friend B: Who’s there? Friend A: Candice. Friend B: Candice who? Friend A: Can-dice nuts fit in your mouth?
  • Have you seen the movie starring Robin Williams called House of D?
    -House of D? No.
    House of Deez Nuts!
  • Have you been to an expo?
    -Yes, I love expos.
    Expose Deez Nuts.
  • Guess what SAKKON did
    – Sakkon.. who’s that?
    – Oh no, don’t…
    SAKKON Deez Nuts!
  • Do you want Apple to launch a new product?
    – I hope so.
    You hop-on Deez Nuts!
  • Friend A: Do you like to eat Wendys? Friend B: Yes why? Friend A: Because you are going to love “Wen-dys nuts” hit you in the face.
  • Do you want me to buy one of these?
    – Yeah sure
    How about two of Deez Nuts.
  • Yo girl…do you like squirrels, because i’m about to nut in your hole. -Anonymous
  • Hey baby. Can you give me some money for a new dress?
    – Yes, but..
    Oh no. I don’t want to hear any more buts!
    – Okay, baby. Then I’ll only give you Deez Nuts.
  • Friend A: Knock, knock. Friend B: Who is there? Friend A: Eaton. Friend B: Eaton who? Friend A: Eat-on Deez Nuts.
  • Friend A: Name the first three letters of the Alphabet. Friend B: A, B, C. Friend A: D….eez Nuts!

Deez nuts jokes for tiktok

  • Wife: Do you know what will make me happy? Wendy’s!
    Me: When deez nuts on your chin?!?
  • You wanna play with my new game dintroller?
    – Play with whaat?
    You can play with Deez Nuts!
  • Friend A: what does “Lb” stand for? Friend B: Pound Friend A: Pound on Deez Nuts!
  • Friend A: Are you having both of these? Friend B: Both of these what? Friend A: Both of Deeze Nuts!
  • Do you still have any music tapes or discs?
    – Only albums.
    Well, just look at Deez nuts.
  • Knock, knock.
    -Who’s there?
    -It’s your boy Dee, open up!
    -Dee, who?
    -Deez nuts!
  • Do you like boats?
    What is your favorite type of boat?
    -I like fishing boats.
    How about tugboats?
    -They are powerful
    Tug on Deez Nutz
  • Why did the squirrel do the backstroke? He wanted to keep his nuts dry. -Anonymous
  • Do you like tulips?
    – Yes, why?
    Cus you’re gonna love your two lips on Deez Nuts!
  • -Do you know who is coming to our party later on?
    Yeah Dee is.
    -Dee who?
    Deez nuts.

Deez nuts jokes over text

  • What is the easiest command you can teach your dog?
    – I don’t know. Maybe roll over?
    ROL-OVA Deez Nuts!
  • Friend A: do you know Howard Dee? Friend B: nope. Friend C: How-ar Deez Nuts?
  • Have you heard about the news in Kenya today?
    No, tell me more.
    Well, Kenya fit deez nuts in your mouth.
  • Hello, there, my guy. I have a bunch of pokemon cards. Wanna check these out?
    -Yeah, I would love that, thanks
    Okay, take a look at Deez Nutz.
  • Do you know who is coming to our party later on?
    Yeah Dee is.
    Dee who?
    Deez nuts.
  • “Hey, man are you leaving? Leaving what? LEAVING DEEZ NUTS IN YOUR MOUTH”.
  • ​Hey there buddy, I have a bunch of old albums, would you like 2 cd’s?
    -Sure thanks
    To see deez nutz.
  • I saw you dancing yesterday
    – What? You saw me dancing where?
    You were at the club. I saw your hoodie.
    -What hoodie?
    Who Deez Nuts
  • Excuse me but do you like pudding?
    – Yes, of course.
    Well how about pudding deez nuts in your mouth.
  • You need to shut up before you end up like Ken.
    Ken who?
    Can Deez nuts fit in your mouth?
    Poor Ken! I don’t want to end up like him!

Deez nuts jokes infographic

History of Deez Nuts


You’ve probably heard about Deez Nuts, the nickname for a 15-year-old Iowa youngster who is making a strong run for President of the United States. On July 26, Deez Nuts filed an official statement of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

The joke has created quite a stir in the United States. But where did the moniker Deez Nuts come from in the first place?

Sure, immaturity comes first.

But, in part, we can credit Dr. Dre. The term “Deeez Nuuuts” was made famous by his song “Deeez Nuuuts” from the 1992 album The Chronic.


In the following three weeks, YouTuber Javalicius published an extended version of WelvenDaGreat’s video, which received over 490,000 views and 290 comments.

Effect On Presidential Election

CBS News reported on July 28th, 2015, that Deez Nuts, an independent, had filed a statement of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission for the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary.

Check Google search over time

If you don’t believe our statistics you can check the Deez Nuts jokes effects the election in the 2014-2015 period of time throughout the USA and its search over New Zealand and Canada is growing day by day.

Google trends Report

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