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100+ Legendary History Pick Up Lines

100+ Legendary History Pick Up Lines

Want to impress with History Pick Up Lines? Funny US & World pickup lines from ancient backgrounds work great on Historians, Archeologists, or any History lovers. My heartiest congratulations to you first. You are extremely lucky. Finding your better half who is a history lover. Romantic in nature historians are very easy to date. No, obviously not Radiocarbon dating. Unless you are an interstellar alien, Carbon involved.

Adventurous in nature historians are very curious. Best people to explore new places. History lovers are often assumed as self-centered minds. A typical mix of outdated lifestyle with an unpredictable character. Bringing surprises is the easiest way to win hearts. They find comfort generally outside of annoying town cacophony. You really need sharp eagle eyes every time they suddenly disappear.

You can check Attractive Cat Pick Up Lines. Most History lovers prefer Cats over Dogs. Adopting one in case you don’t have any. Besides of ice breaker, you will be accustomed to loving yourself. Our pick up lines from history work well in any suitable conditions. Prepare your lines well and deliver properly. After all, he or she will not accept any proposal from muttering mummy.

Top 10 Best History Pick Up Lines

Wandering for best history pick up lines? Try these top ten history pickup lines to win his or her heart. Loving alone cannot help you. Unless you take the giant leap. Share your feelings for your crush. Introducing you to the best pick up lines in history:

No. Top 10 Best History Pick Up Lines
1 I don’t need a CRS report to tell me how beautiful you are.
2 I must be the U.S. capital. Because my statues of freedom can be seen from miles away.
3 Roses are red and so is the state, let us be comrades because I think you are great
4 Hey girl, you won’t need the Rosetta Stone to translate my love for you.
5 Hi, I’m babe Lincoln, and I’m about to give you the Gettysburg undress.
6 The Gettysburg Address was short, but I know something that isn’t.
7 I’m sorry I wasn’t part of your past, can I make it up by being in your future?
8 You must work for the Gestapo because I’ve seen you spying on me all night.
9 Call it manifest destiny, but I truly believe it’s my God-given right to acquire you.
10 Hey, you must be a German… cause you sure started the battle of my bulge.

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US History Pick Up Lines

Classic US history pick up lines collection. American history pick up lines you should try.

11. I declared independence from the British so you can declare independence from those clothes, baby!
12. How about you treat me like the filthy kulak I am?
13. Call me Paul Revere because I’d like to give you a midnight ride.
14. Your palace looks like it could use a sturdy column.
15. Hey comrade, let’s share the means of reproduction.
16. Are you a tower? Because Eiffel for you.
17. Baby I’ll make you see stars and stripes
18. Need to know why they call me Titanic? Because when I go down, the women dependably get off first.
19. Drop everything and carve Croatoan into your front door because I’m about to rock your new world so hard people will think you’ve disappeared
20. You must have been born in pearl harbor cause baby you da bomb.

Democrat Party line is ap US history pick up lines.

21. I’m George Washington. Can I cross your Delaware?
22. Baby, you have more curves than the Democrat Party line.
23. Are you a union worker with a history of anarchy?
24. Good thing I’m not a colonist, because I’d let you do intolerable acts to me.
25. The policy of containment doesn´t apply to these pants.
26. Did you develop the plane? Cause you appear Wright to me.
27. Are you an early hominid? Because I’ve got a Homo Erectus right now.
28. Are you the Cuban missile crisis?
29. Did your parents work on The Manhattan Project? Because you’re the bomb!
30. Are you from Medieval Times?, cause you Sir Gagsalot!

Chicago is ap world history pick up lines.

31. There’s an economic stimulus package waiting for you at my house.
32. You’d make a great vice. Get under me.
33. They don’t call me a Rough Rider for anything.
34. Wanna play War of 1812? I’ll light your White House on fire!
35. Damn, girl, you’re hotter than Chicago in 1871.
36. You must be related to Tesla because you’re electrifying.
37. My love for you is like a Trojan Horse, it’ll sneak up on you when you least expect it.
38. This must be the 1900s because my train has some goods that need to be delivered down south.
39. Your br*asts remind me of Mount Rushmore… My face should be among them!
40. It must be the civil war, cause I wanna bang you like a salvation drum.

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Funny History Pick Up Lines

Hilarious funny history pick up lines complete list. Change some serious mood into lighter.

41. You’re the Gran Colombia of my heart.
42. Are you related to John Wilkes Booth? Because your ass is blowing my mind right now.
43. You must have been born in pearl harbor cause baby you da bomb
44. I might not go down in history, but I’ll go down on you!
45. Hey baby, you come here often? Because I’m with the KGB, and you’re going to the Gulag for not doing any work.
46. Any admission of lustfulness will have me condemned as a witch.
47. If I were Columbus, I would sail day and night to reach the depths of your heart.
48. Like America to Hawaii in 1898, you’ve annexed my heart.
49. I must be the Russian space program because I’m just dying to launch my Sputnik into your space.
50. I’m learning about important dates in history. Wanna be one of them?

China in ’72 is funny history pickup lines.

51. Hey, girl! If you were a president, you’d be Babe-raham Lincoln.
52. Baby you’re hotter than Rome under Nero.
53. Let’s role play – I’ll be Osama… you be a cave… and I’ll hide up inside you.
54. No one can debunk the fact that you are the center of my universe…
55. I’ll open your heart like Nixon opened the door to China in ’72.
56. Let’s turn up the heat of the Cold War.
57. Let’s role play… I’ll be Osama you be the cave… Now let me hide in you.
58. I must be identified with Ben Franklin. I’ve recently found some power between us.
59. Care to come over for some Hysteria Relief?
60. Are you the Manhattan project? I’ve gotta say – you’re the bomb.

Berlin wall is good history teacher pick up lines.

61. Just because the national debt is going up doesn’t mean I can’t go down on you…
62. Girl, why don´t you open those iron curtains?
63. Girl, try as it might; the agricultural adjustments act couldn’t keep me from plowing your field.
64. Do you like history? Because we´re gonna make history tonight.
65. If you ask Thomas Paine, he’ll tell you that dating me is Common Sense.
66. Hey, girl! I am falling for you like the Berlin wall.
67. Are you from Medieval Times? Cause you Sir Gagsalot!
68. Quit Stalin’ and take your clothes off?
69. I feel an uprising in my lower class
70. Sorry I’m not into bondage.

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World History Pick Up Lines

Try globally applicable world history pickup lines. Great way to connect with new people.

71. You can call me Teddy, because I carry a big stick.
72. Madam, it is imperative that you recognize my natural right to pursue your happiness.
73. My love for you is like the Spanish Armada – unsinkable!
74. Dr. Jonas Salk couldn’t create a vaccine to stop my love for you.
75. Call me Paul Revere, because I would like to give you a midnight ride.
76. I’m gonna hit you like a Russian winter… once I come in I never go come out.
77. How about we equalize the pleasure tonight?
78. Are you a historical landmark? Because Eiffel for you.
79. Like the German currency post-World War I, you make my heart inflate.
80. How would you like to take a ride on Air Force One?

History tonight is the greatest pick up lines in American history.

81. I’ve got a stimulus package waiting for you in my pants.
82. You may not be my First Lady, but I’ll make you feel like Jackie OH!
83. I’ve got a stimulus package waiting for you in my pants.
84. Do you like history, because we’re gonna make history tonight.
85. I like to stand here and stare at my privates.
86. Oh we can filibuster All Night Long.
87. Hey girl, do you want to Fidel my Castro?
88. The national debt isn’t the only thing that’s rising.
89. I’m gonna bust right through your Ardennes.
90. My names Huey long and I can share some wealth

Prohibition Movement is history major pick up lines.

91. You are the Renaissance to my Dark Ages, and you light up my world, girl.
92. We would be the most perfect union.
93. Did you work at Chernobyl? Because I feel my control rod moving.
94. Baby you just turned my bronze into iron!
95. You must be John Locke, because you are the key to my conscience.
96. Are you a loyalist, because you’re really making me rethink this whole independence thing.
97. I’m not part of the Prohibition Movement. You can speakeasy to me.
98. Like Mao Zedong, I will walk 500 hundred miles for you.
99. Cross my Volga river tonight.
100. You must work for the Gestapo because I’ve seen you spying on me all night.

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1. What is the best history pick up lines?

You wanna play Pearl Harbor? It’s a game where I lay back and you blow the hell out of me.

2. What is the best pick up lines about History?

Baby you could even make the Cold War hot!

3. What is the best pick up lines for history majors?

Babe, your eyes are bluer than the ocean Columbus sailed… and I’m lost at sea.

Legendary History Pick Up Lines
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