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400+ Never Have I Ever Questions to Expose Secrets

Want to know someone deeper? Explore never have I ever questions dirty, adult, funny, friends, teens, couples. Unveil TOP SECRETS smoothly without pushing too hard. No matter it is your best friend or your crush. Handpicked interesting questions complete list given below. The questions can be used to spark great conversations. Never run out of topics to talk about.

Jump to how to play straight. If you want to know the rules to play. The game is super simple and straightforward. Start playing the questions game with two or more people. The authenticity of the game makes it very popular. You can play the game with a person you never met before. The sole purpose is to build relationships, boost engagement and have fun.

You can read Cute Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend or Freaky Questions to ask your Boyfriend. Question games are very fun activities. Allowing space to reveal personal information about players. Often these are used as Icebreaker Questions. You can also spark deep discussion. Create a long-lasting good impression. Kick start your relationship on an epic note.

Best Never Have I Ever Questions

Get top ten questions never have I ever to ask. Dig out secrets smoothly like never before. You can also try these to know someone at the party indirectly. Add “Never have I ever” before each statement. Here goes the top ten list:

  1. kissed a stranger
  2. lied about my income
  3. been on a blind date
  4. donated blood
  5. broken a bone
  6. sent nudes
  7. run for my life
  8. lied on a dating profile
  9. been in a police car
  10. been nude in public


Very dirty questions never have I ever to spice up the boring game. Test anyone’s smartness to tackle naughty questions.

  • walked in on my parents
  • lied during this game!
  • sent a sext to the wrong person
  • lied about income
  • hooked up with a stranger
  • thought a friend’s mom was hot
  • cursed in front of a child
  • accidentally said “I love you” to someone
  • been nude in public
  • said the wrong name in bed
  • kissed a stranger
  • worn white to a wedding
  • had a one-night stand
  • clogged a toilet
  • given lap dance
  • been to a strip club
  • laughed at a funeral
  • sent a dirty text to the wrong person
  • had to hide a love bite
  • had a friend with benefits
  • lied about my relationship status
  • visited a nude beach
  • sent a sexy selfie
  • kissed more than one person in one day
  • had a sexy nickname
  • paid for adult content
  • had a s*x toy
  • slept with a co-worker
  • blamed someone else for my mistake at work
  • Googled s*x positions
  • sneezed on a stranger
  • owned a Playboy
  • done the walk of shame
  • given someone a fake phone number
  • been blackout drunk
  • gone back to an ex
  • bought lingerie for someone
  • faked an orgasm
  • snitched on someone else at work
  • purposely given someone bad advice
  • driven a stick shift
  • taken credit for someone else’s work
  • re-gifted something
  • lied on a dating profile
  • hooked up with a friend’s sibling
  • shoplifted
  • gotten gum in hair
  • been cheated on
  • gotten a lap dance
  • prank called someone
  • ruined someone else’s vacation
  • gotten busy in a car


  • been the subject of a rumor that wasn’t true
  • had a wardrobe malfunction
  • marched in a protest
  • played strip poker
  • been fired from a job
  • called the cops on someone else
  • gone skiing
  • worn a wig or extensions
  • gone commando
  • run a red light
  • fallen asleep at work
  • been in a helicopter
  • waited tables
  • seen someone die
  • fallen in love
  • gone snowboarding
  • had a road rage incident
  • hopped a turnstile
  • thought a friend’s baby was ugly
  • been a maid of honor
  • heckled a live performance
  • tried hard drugs
  • broken someone else’s heart
  • paid for adult content
  • crashed a party or wedding
  • fallen in love at first sight
  • peed my pants as an adult
  • witnessed a crime
  • campaigned for a political candidate
  • donated an organ
  • eaten caviar
  • lied on resume
  • gotten seasick
  • won more than $50 gambling
  • been on a cruise
  • had a broken heart
  • lost more than $50 gambling
  • gone bungee jumping
  • been a best man
  • dropped acid
  • gone surfing
  • performed onstage
  • had surgery
  • hooked up with someone of the same gender


  • had a paranormal experience
  • adjusted me in public
  • run for my life
  • set something on fire while cooking
  • used someone else’s toothbrush
  • blamed a fart on a pet
  • faked sick from work
  • cried at a party
  • thrown up in public
  • fallen asleep in public
  • danced on a pole
  • used a cheesy pickup line
  • kissed a celebrity
  • sent stranger a drink
  • given a fake name
  • call at the movies
  • Googled my own name
  • went more than a day without brushing teeth
  • used a gas station bathroom
  • cried at work
  • tipped less than 10 percent
  • cried or flirted way out of a ticket
  • dressed in drag
  • forgotten where I parked my car
  • cried in public
  • used a fake ID
  • been awake for 24 straight hours or more
  • tipped more than 50 percent
  • lied to a law enforcement officer
  • sang in public
  • tried moonshine
  • eaten a ghost pepper
  • spread a rumor I knew wasn’t true
  • mooned someone
  • been dumpster diving
  • been arrested
  • been in a police car
  • accepted drink from a stranger
  • gone vegan
  • been backstage at a concert
  • cut in line on purpose
  • eaten food that broke the five-second rule
  • flashed someone
  • spent a night in jail
  • sang karaoke
  • stage dived
  • laughed so hard I spit out my drink
  • stayed overnight in the hospital
  • lied about age
  • gotten stitches
  • peed in a pool


  • eaten someone else’s lunch
  • been hospitalized
  • kissed my best friend
  • lied to best friend
  • been someone’s one phone call from jail
  • flirted with a waiter
  • tried bodybuilding
  • hooked up with a friend’s ex
  • thrown someone else a surprise party
  • gotten busy in a public place
  • stolen something from my workplace
  • had a surprise party thrown for me
  • lied about who I voted for
  • shared a news story without reading past the headline
  • eaten an entire pack of Oreos
  • hooked up with an ex’s friend
  • been camping
  • hooked up with a sibling’s friend
  • convinced partner to dump a friend
  • ghosted someone
  • eaten an entire pizza alone
  • went more than three days without showering
  • broken a bone
  • shaved my head
  • rode a motorcycle
  • read someone else’s mail
  • left a negative Yelp review
  • snooped through friend’s cabinets
  • ridden a horse
  • tried cross-fit
  • been ghosted
  • convinced friend to dump a partner
  • drank an entire bottle of wine
  • returned clothes without washing it
  • set a friend up on a date
  • gone skydiving
  • blabbed something swore to secrecy
  • had chickenpox


  • left a mean YouTube comment
  • started a hashtag
  • donated blood
  • danced in the rain
  • met a celebrity
  • had a black eye
  • filmed an intimate moment
  • lost my shoes during a night out
  • thought a cartoon character was hot
  • snuck into a movie
  • worked retail
  • auditioned for a reality show
  • eaten whipped cream straight out of the can
  • lost my voice
  • gone skinny dipping
  • seen something creepy while using public transportation
  • wished I had kids
  • given a eulogy
  • fired a gun
  • trolled a stranger online
  • played a musical instrument
  • fainted
  • gotten in a physical fight
  • dropped a baby
  • hit a parked car
  • had frostbite
  • parked in a handicap spot
  • cheated on a test
  • wished I didn’t have kids
  • chipped a tooth
  • run a marathon
  • had a blistering sunburn
  • slid into a stranger’s DMs
  • gotten sick on a date
  • dated a musician
  • spent a night in jail
  • traveled to a foreign country
  • had a lucid dream
  • learned a foreign language
  • had food poisoning
  • been on a blind date
  • slid into an ex’s DMs
  • eaten a carton of ice cream
  • been on TV
  • had a cavity
  • beaten a video game
  • smoked a joint
  • lied on social media
  • peed in the shower
  • been in a talent show
  • Googled someone before a date
  • cut own hair
  • danced on a table
  • had braces
  • tried a fad diet
  • changed a tire
  • drunk-dialed ex
  • joined the mile-high club
  • slept in car


  • cheated on partner
  • fought with partner in public
  • done a “drive-by” of an ex or crush’s house
  • read partner’s emails
  • farted in front of a significant other
  • crept an ex on social media
  • read partner’s text messages
  • cursed at an in-law
  • sexted an ex
  • lied to my kids
  • second-guessed a relationship
  • lurked my partner’s ex on social media
  • called partner the wrong name
  • lied to my parents
  • held grudge longer than a year
  • spent an entire day watching reality TV together
  • sent nudes
  • cursed in front of an in-law
  • lurked my ex on social media
  • received nudes
  • gotten bedroom-related injury
  • dined and ditched
  • tried to make ex jealous
  • flirted with a married person
Never Have I Ever Questions
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Never Have I Ever is a popular game worldwide. Simple to learn made the game more popular. Quickly go through the steps to start playing the game:

  1. Seat in a round circle/ facing each other
  2. Arrange soft/ hard drinks
  3. Hand each playing member a cup of drinks
  4. One person picks an action question
  5. The person who did it before will take a sip
  6. No one takes a sip means a wrong call
  7. The person who mentioned the action will take a sip
  8. Rotate

Not everyone has an exciting life like yours. Make sure no player feels alienated. Call common actions like “given a hickey” to make them feel part of the game. Enjoy the moment. Try to avoid digging deep questions. The scenario might change quickly and go out of hand.

Disclaimer: Drink and play responsibly.


1. What are dirty Never have I ever questions?

Never have I ever lied during this game!

2. What should I ask in 21 questions?

What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

3. What questions can I ask my crush?

What qualities do you expect in your future life partner?

4. What are good never have I ever questions?

Never have I ever sent a dirty text to the wrong person.

5. What is a good flirty question?

Where is your favorite place to be kissed?

Final Words

Thank you for reading my cute names article. I hope the never have I ever questions helped you. Loved reading my article? Please share on Facebook or any other social media platforms.

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Melinda Davis
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