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What Does Aromantic Mean Clarified by Experts

Aromantic pronounced as eɪrə(ʊ)ˈmantɪk defines the human nature of no desire for romantic relationships. Get definition, meaning, flag, test complete details here. Humans generally experience catching emotions for their love. Bears and balloons fill our hearts with immense joy. Dating with a crush is a normal thing in our daily lives. What if that’s not the case for everyone? Romantic relationships do not attract all of us.

No sexual attraction for any human being is a sign. Very little desire in the initial stages. Slowly the expectations diminish to zero. One can distinguish the traits in two categories. Aromantic Sexual People and Aromantic Asexual People. Mating to protect the generations is seen as a universal goal. Ambrosial nature puts into question the existence of the next generations. Often the idea is strongly challenged by older generations.

Our experts took a dig on the topic. Churned out the best pieces of information. The content team prepared the research in order. Made it more readable for our readers. We humbly request under age 18 to skip the post. Else read it under parental guidance only. Information provided ahead is for adults only. Aromanticism topic requires a matured mindset. Teenagers under 18 are strictly prohibited.


Aromanticism existed since humans have been on this earth. The proper declaration was only recognized recently. “Aro” refers to not feeling here.

Asexuality and aromanticism are not the same. Imagining a clear identity of self is the difference.


  • Adjective: Characteristic without any desire for romantic relationships are called aromantic.
  • Noun: A person who denies romantic relationships is called aromantic.


Aromanticism is made of “aro” and “romantic”. So, it means the lack of sexual attractions.


Cameron Whimsy on 16 November 2014 published the Aromantic Pride Flag. Tumblr user Cameron is the inventor of this flag.

Red from the Rainbow flag (LGBT) completely replaced by Green. As romance was denoted by Red. Yellow remains intact. Since the yellow flowers represent friendship.

Orange as it lies between yellow and red. Generally denotes the grey-romantics. To reject the traditional ideas of romance black is used. The first aromantic pride flag was a four-stripe design.

The most widely accepted flag was designed by Cameron as well. Yellow is replaced by bright white.

What Does Aromantic Mean Clarified by Experts

Flag Meaning

  • Dark Green: Represents aromanticism.
  • Light Green: Represents the aromantic spectrum.
  • White: Represents platonic and aesthetic attraction.
  • Grey: Represents grey-aromantic and demiromantic people.
  • Black: Represents the sexuality spectrum.


Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week is a new revolution. February 18-24 immediately after Valentine’s Day is declared as the week. The primary reason, single relationship status holders are reminded on V day. You are different from everybody else.

In the year 2021, the message broadcasted worldwide. You are not alone who only craves sexual needs. Time has arrived to educate more people. Teach the important aspects of the little-known orientation.

  • Grayromantic: One who feels sexual feelings. But only under certain conditions.
  • Demiromantic: One who experiences sexual feelings with one person. Only after forming an emotional attachment.
  • Lithromantic: One who may feel romantic feelings. But do not expect the same energy to reciprocate. If then the attraction fades.
  • Recipromantic: One who only experiences a sexual attraction. Only if they know that the other person also feels the same.

Humans love to name everything. Tagging is good to name something. To distinguish it from others. Unfortunately, sometimes we tag humans also.

Many citizens are known for their sexual orientation. If they are straight, bi, pan, or g*y.

Orientation is not necessarily always defined by born. Some children discover their choice in adulthood. Late bloomers can put the blame on lack of education.

Now the orientations can also change. Once, twice, or multiple times throughout their entire lifetime.

Once you discover yourself asexual. You already exceeded the temptations of physical needs.


Check your stand on sexual desires. Figure the key metrics to know more about your connections. What type of intimacy do you expect from a partner? Everything will be crystal clear. Take the assessments very honestly!

  1. Do you flirt using pickup lines?
  2. Have you had a relationship yet?
  3. What type of relationship is most appealing to you?
  4. Have you ever had a crush on somebody?
  5. Do you like watching romance movies?
  6. Have you had sexual intercourse yet?
  7. When someone asks why you’re single, what is your answer?
  8. Have you ever fell in love with a total stranger?
  9. Do you fantasize about romantic relationships?
  10. What do you have the least experience with?
  11. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  12. What do you think about one-night stands?
  13. Do you often think about having your own kids?
  14. When you see a couple kissing, what do you think?
  15. Do you consider marriage in your future?

Draw a line. Name one side romantic and another not. Answer the 15 questions on that paper. Tick mark only one side for each answer you gave honestly.

Aromanticism(%) = (Number of not Romantic Ticks/Total Number of Ticks)*100

E.g. I got 11 ticks on the not romantic side. Total Number of Ticks = 15 (One for each answer)

My Aromanticism Score(%) = (11/15)*100 ≅ 73%

Score Results:

  • 0 – 40 = Demiromantic
  • 41 – 60 = Grayromantic
  • 61 – 80 = Lithromantic
  • 81 – 90 = Recipromantic
  • 91 – 100 = Aromantic

You can get answers to some deep inner questions. Why you never felt attached to someone! Every possibility is normal. Nothing to stress out.

Every human is distinctive by their DNA. All of us are uniquely patented. Nothing wrong to be odd in this world. Keep yourself plug into the circle that motivates you.

How much did you score in the self-assessment? What do you think about yourself now? Share with us in the comment section below.


Similarly sound two terms may confuse many people. Anyhow there is a big difference in terms of physical standpoints.

Asexual people can experience no sexual attraction to anyone. Only for gender identity, they affirm. But, at times they still can experience intimacy. This desirability is missing in aromanticism.

Aromanticism does not welcome any romantic relationship with you. Asexual also shares the same standpoint. Still, they are okay for a sleepover with you. The person can make the decision of coming out to you anytime.

The test can affirm your romantic attraction. Nothing that is normal can be imposed on you. Anyhow the assessment is not perfectly accurate. As human nature is very volatile.

What Does Aromantic Mean Clarified by Experts
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1. How do you know if you’re aromantic?

Take the Aromanticism self-assessment test here without any signup for free.

2. Can an aromantic person fall in love?

Yes. Aromanticism person can experience love at any point in time. The chances are very low. Depending on how the first impression build one can take the risk.

3. Can you be asexual and aromantic?

No. Sharing intimacy has a very low chance. Some special cases may report a different story. The idle standpoint will never allow any experience.

4. Do Aromantics get married?

Yes. Adopting children can save the relationship.

5. What is Greyromantic?

One who feels sexual feelings. But only under certain conditions.

Final Words

Thank you for reading my What Does Aromantic Mean article. Human nature changes over time. The standpoints may vary. Considering the idle standpoints the insights are shared in the article. No humans were tested to create self-assessment. Better we suggest a psychological consult to ensure your stand. Love the article? Share it with your circle via Facebook or pin in Pinterest.

Melinda Davis
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