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100+ Mind-blowing Accounting Pick Up Lines

Smooth accounting pick up lines ultimate collection. Perfectly match your balance sheet with your crush. Funny, cheesy, dirty, and many more best pickup lines inside. Smart and witty are the best combination. You only look good in a formal. When you are confident from the inside. Confidence is immensely important. An Independent mindset serious about spending limits is desired.

Luca Pacioli is known as the father of accounting. He was born in Italy. Luca was also famous for bookkeeping. The word chartered accountant aka CA originated in Scotland. Somewhere around the nineteenth century. Remember this brief information to enjoy a deep conversation. Not everyone is from a commerce background. But knowing this is a part of general knowledge for everyone.

You can read Best Pick Up Lines for more fresh ideas. You can apply to pick up lines about accounting for both students and professionals. Emotion for your classmate or colleague is normal. People with similar backgrounds build the best relationship. Your hygiene and dressing sense will play a vital role. My suggestion is to groom well. Prepare the lines well. Make these sound like words are directly coming out of your heart.

Top 10 Best Accounting Pick Up Lines

Looking for accounting pick up lines to impress your crush? You can try these lines to win his or her heart. Key to heart goes through perfect balance. A balance between courage and attitude. Dress well and no hair on your face. A sharp and crisp outlook does pretty well.

No. Top 10 Best Accounting Pick Up Lines
1 Listen Honey, being with me is so good. It’s taxable.
2 How about we get out of here and appreciate each other’s assets
3 No, it’s a highlighter…..I use Becker wanna get naked?
4 Hey, do you want to be like an accounting journal entry and help balance each other out?
5 Rest assured, I have a large enough staff for adequate coverage.
6 Let’s fill out a 1040 — you’re a 10, and I’m 40.
7 If you were a bond, I’d hold you to maturity.
8 For you boo, I’d drop the first n in my finance just to be your fiancé.
9 Are your feet tired? Because you’ve been running in a straight line in my mind all day long.
10 You got a nice pair of W-2’s.

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Pick Up Lines For Accountants

Smooth pick up lines for accountants you can apply on anyone. Safe yet gets the work done.

  1. The moment I found you, my depreciation method changed from a double-declining to a 150% declining balance
  2. Hey girl, do you know why they call me Gross Profit? Well actually, no one does…they just call me gross.
  3. You make my pants file for an extension.
  4. After filing my taxes today, I’ve learned that my spending account is quite flexible. Are you flexible?
  5. Are you 1040EZ? Cause need to fill you in
  6. Let me tell you something: if you’re filing with me? You’re definitely filing a…’10-40.’
  7. Babe, you SUTA my needs.
  8. You don’t need a bridge loan to close the GAAP between us.
  9. I know I shouldn’t use the direct write-off method, but I’ll do it for you.
  10. Are you a corporate bond? Cause I’m accruing interest in you!.
  11. If you were an income item, you’d be an extraordinary gain.
  12. I’d do just about anything to see your GAAP.
  13. I’m done being a sole proprietor, let’s form a partnership!
  14. Nice assets.
  15. Hey babe, what do ya say we go back to my cubicle and fondle each other’s PBCs?

GAAP is a nice nerdy accounting pick up lines.

  1. Girl, are you costing inventory right now? Cause you are the LIFO da Party!.
  2. My feelings for you will never depreciate.
  3. If you were a financial statement line item, you would be goodwill, and I wouldn’t even bother testing a fine intangible asset like you for impairment.
  4. I know I’m not a 99 or even an 85. I’m a 75, will you take me for who I am?
  5. Hey girl, can I be your external control?
  6. Please, baby, let me withhold you!
  7. How do you feel about the double-entry method?
  8. You must be managing inventory because you came into my life Just-in-Time.
  9. Hey girl, do you want to make a double entry in my ledger account if you know what I mean.
  10. Baby, your not just another journal entry, you balance my books.
  11. Wanna sneak out behind the ‘hedge’ and play with my financial instrument?
  12. Normally I am strictly IFRS but for you, I’d switch to GAAP because you are extraordinary
  13. Let’s try and make this triple bottom line.
  14. Someone told me that financial crime is very rarely investigated. Shall we take the risk?
  15. You’re not an asset to me, you’re a stockholder’s equity.

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Dirty Accounting Pick Up Lines

Deep dirty accounting pick up lines to take the balance sheet to next level. Not asking the right question will end up in a friend zone.

  1. Baby, if I had you, I wouldn’t need to perform so many manual entries.
  2. In my office, “I.R.S.” stands for ‘I’m really sexy.’
  3. Hey girl, you have got a GREAT figure. You must be an accountant!
  4. After I’m done with your assets you’ll have to test for impairment
  5. Baby, I could tax that ass all night long!
  6. Hey boy/girl, let’s combine our assets and liabilities to make some small equities.
  7. Baby, let’s get fiscal!
  8. Baby, unlike a fixed asset, I will never depreciate.
  9. My love for you has an estimated useful life of forever.
  10. It’s accrual world out there but I’m willing to invest in you
  11. I’m a MACRS 150 kind of girl, sorry.
  12. You must be from accounting because I was ac-counting on seeing you later.
  13. Slide your number slowly across the bar or table and then say “How do these numbers look to you?”
  14. If I had you, I wouldn’t need to use my Handbook.
  15. You should have listed me as a deduction because I’m dependent on your love.

Saturday night is good pick up lines accounting.

  1. I may not be Heath, but I can sure balance your ledger.
  2. I like to delay my score release so you can enjoy some tension.
  3. Hey you, if I was an accountant, then you just accrued my love.
  4. So, how do you feel about things in arrears?
  5. What are you doing on Saturday night? Because I’m accounting on taking you out
  6. You can’t go out with me on April 15th? That’s okay, we can push it back to Sept 15th.
  7. I’d love to amortize your discount on bonds payable.
  8. You’ve got a lovely pair of W-2’s!
  9. Are you a 1040EZ? Cause I need to fill you in!
  10. I’d love to amortize your discount on bonds payable.
  11. Take me home tonight, and I guarantee you’ll see an extraordinary item.
  12. Babe, my only ‘Going Concern’ is how to know you better.
  13. Please baby, let me withhold you.
  14. Baby if I take you home? It’s an experience you ain’t gonna be writing off anytime soon.
  15. Do you have any obligations for tonight? BC I’d love to take you home and we can retire those assets.

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Funny Accounting Pick Up Lines

Super funny accounting pick up lines to vanish his or her stress away. Best thing you can gift your crush is their missing smile.

  1. I don’t care if you’re rich or poor because I will make your cash flow.
  2. I’d like to own some equity on those assets.
  3. Do you have anything to do tonight? Because I would love to drive you home and retire your assets.
  4. Can I capitalize you? Cause I’m fixed on your assets.
  5. My goodwill may be intangible, but my fixed assets are rock solid.
  6. Are you my revenue? Because I’m so loss without you!
  7. I’m convinced my feelings for you will never depreciate.
  8. Are you from accounting? Because I was ac-counting on seeing you later!
  9. Hey girl, are you having an IPO? Cause I’d love to have stock in you!.
  10. So do you file electronically around here often?
  11. I’m done being a sole proprietor, let’s form a partnership
  12. Me and you – we might need to swap some liquid assets.
  13. For you babe, I’d drop the first n in my finance just to be your fiancé.
  14. Can I put my substance all over your form?
  15. My Trial Balance just won’t balance without you.

The income tax credit is adequate bank account pick up lines.

  1. Baby how bout we leave this McDonald’s and get started on that additional child tax credit?
  2. My Trial Balance just won’t balance without you
  3. Come here often? Every day? From 9 to 5? Yeah, I guess that is often.
  4. How’re things looking in your books, got any room for some date-a entry?
  5. I can show you exactly how to earn your income tax credit.
  6. Trust me, I’m an accountant, I know how to manipulate firm assets
  7. Hey cutie, I’ll show you my spreadsheets if you show me yours.
  8. Hey baby, in my office IRS stands for I’m really sexy!
  9. Do you have any stocks? Because you are OUTSTANDING!.
  10. You definitely fill the GAAP in my heart.
  11. I bet you’re like most of my 1040 filings: EZ.
  12. Excuse me, I saw you talking to that guy over there. Please don’t. There’s a going concern that he has significant control deficiencies.
  13. While some of your assets are obviously not impaired, I’m afraid your major asset will turn out to be immaterial.
  14. Listen, I’d love to sleep with you, but it’s tax day and I feel like I’ve already been screwed by an entire government agency.
  15. How about you give my body an audit?

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1. What is the best pick up lines for accountants?

Are you a tax accountant? Cus you make a file for an extension.

2. What is the best dirty accounting pick up lines?

I think we should swap some liquid assets.

3. What is the best funny accounting pick up lines?

IRS = I’m really sexy.

Mind-blowing Accounting Pick Up Lines
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