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100+ New Doctor Pick Up Lines Very Smooth To Easily Impress

100+ New Doctor Pick Up Lines Very Smooth To Easily Impress

Master the skill to flirt with Doctor Pick Up Lines. Best flirty lines to steal the one heart you want in a cheesy way. These flirty lines will never get you caught off-guard. Handle the tricky situations of consulting with a really cute doctor. Know traits of how to flirt with a doctor like an art. Enjoy the butterfly feeling of being examined by your favorite doctor.

Greet your doctor with a smile. Send a good vibe to make them feel comfortable instantly. Sometimes the physical pain may differ the situation. Know your timing. Enhance the ability to read body language. But never make you look silly by forcing all emotions through discussion. One wonderful smile shows the worth of investing time in you.

Spark a friendly conversation with the doctor you want to know. One must turn the charm to break the challenging silence. Share with your doctor about what you’re feeling. Start the discussion as expected. Never force too hard. Readers of this trending article also loved our Nurse pick-up lines choices. Get proper treatment with a beautiful love story.

Doctor Pick Up Lines

Want effective doctor pick up lines to win your physician Crush? Try not to hog the spotlight right after the approach. Allow some space to let your doctor talk too. Confirm the attraction is mutual by getting a clear response.

  • Hey baby, wanna play with my corpus cavernosum?
  • My adductor isn’t the only thing that’s longus.
  • Do you have a Band-Aid? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you.
  • Your bus or mine?
  • Are you Broca’s Aphasia? Because you leave me speechless.
  • You know, I’ve been highly trained to stick things into people…
  • Blood is red, cyanosis is blue, I get tachycardia when I think of you.
  • Hey girl, you’re like a car accident, because I can’t look away.
  • Are you my appendix? I have a gut feeling I should take you out.
  • The way you talk to me leaves me aphasic.
  • Has anyone ever looked at that? Why don’t we go back to my place so I can give you a full exam?
  • Where there is a pulse there is a chance.
  • If I said you had a monoclonal antibody, would you hold it against me?
  • I think you are suffering from a lack of Vitamin Me.
  • Can I take your temperature? You’re looking hot today.
  • Maybe you need a little Vitamin ME in your life
  • My love for you burns stronger than my urinary tract infection.
  • Do you breathe oxygen? We have so much in common.
  • You have to be my coronary artery because it’s covered in my heart.
  • Keep talking… I’m diagnosing you.
  • No one else can cut off your clothes, restrain you, and sedate you like a medic can… Wanna play?
  • Your calves must be aching. Because you’ve been back-marching through my mind all day.
  • I don’t plan on specializing, but you seem pretty special to me.
  • Stand back, I’m a doctor. You go get an ambulance, I’ll loosen her clothes.
  • I can find every pulse in your body!

Funny Pick Up Lines for Doctor

Share the funny things that happened to you after pitching a pickup line for the doctor. Leave some space so they have a chance to react to what you say. Keep it brief to make it sound more interesting.

  • You make me go from simple squamous to stratified columnar
  • You look familiar. Did we have class together? I could have sworn we had chemistry.
  • You raise my dopamine levels.
  • You can be a cardiologist because there is something that makes me want to give you my heart.
  • Hey girl, are you a defibrillator? Cause you’re sending shocks straight to my heart.
  • Trust me, this is how they did Mammograms back in the old days.
  • I’m used to staying up all night
  • Did you damage my cerebellum? Because I’m falling all over the place for you.
  • You can fill my caudate nucleus with dopamine anytime
  • Does your left eye hurt? Because you’ve been looking right all day.
  • My sudden protracted cardiac arrhythmia makes me think I’m falling for you.
  • We are prepared for any rhythm
  • Is there something in your eye? Oh wait, its just a sparkle.
  • I’d like to find another doctor. Why? Because I’ve got a crush on you. Would you like to grab lunch sometime?
  • Can I take your temperature? You’re looking hot today.
  • I don’t want to go all Freudian on you, but cute doctors pull strong feelings from me because they’re a safe target for feelings I originally had for my parents.
  • You must be my coronary artery because you’re wrapped around my heart.
  • I hope that one day I will be your emergency person.
  • If I go into cardiac arrest will you give me mouth to mouth?
  • I just want to swab you up and down, then left and right, until we’re both afebrile.
  • They don’t call me Bones because I’m a doctor.
  • I get all Kluver-Bucy around you.
  • You breathe oxygen? We have so much in common.
  • I’m an expert in mouth-to-mouth
  • When you walked in the door your beauty hit me so hard that I have a priapism from all the trauma.

Doctor Pick Up Lines

Flirty Pick-Up Lines for Doctor

Go flirty on your last date to make your doctor feel good with pick-up lines. As it is your second priority to hit on a doctor. Listening to what your doctor says is the sweetest form of showing gratitude.

  • I need medical attention! I hurt myself pretty bad falling for you.
  • (Hold out a stethoscope) Why don’t you listen to your heart and go out with me?
  • I’m no organ donor, but I’d happy to give you my heart.
  • I’ll shock the socks off you
  • Does your left eye hurt? Because you’ve been looking right all day.
  • Emphysema puffs pink, chronic bronchitis makes you blue, but no COPD makes me as breathless as you.
  • You’re the sinoatrial node of my heart. Without you, even a defibrillator won’t save me.
  • How about we ditch this joint and go study some anatomy?
  • Are you a C-reactive protein? Because you have a-cute phase.
  • I’m good with multiple partners
  • Those clothes look uncomfortable… need me to cut them off for you?
  • I’m a medic, I know your body better then you do!
  • You give me premature ventricular contractions.
  • I’m familiar with Latex and restraints
  • Medics know how to pick you up 5 different ways
  • I don’t think I want your babies, but I wouldn’t mind refining my baby-making technique with you.
  • No that’s not an epi-pen in my pants, I’m just happy to see you.
  • You must be the one for me… Since my selectively permeable membrane let you through.
  • You get my heart racing like an epinephrine drip.
  • Hey, are you a conditioned stimulus? Because you’re making me drool.
  • I wish I was your coronary artery so that I could be wrapped around your heart.
  • Are you a doctor? Because you just cured my erectile dysfunction.
  • Is your name Osteoporosis? Because you’re giving me a serious bone condition.
  • Did you damage my cerebellum? Because I’m falling all over the place for you.
  • Are you drowning? Because I’m feeling the urge to give you CPR.

Cheesy Pick-Up Lines for Doctor

Hint your doctor to notice that you’re ring-free cheesy way. Wink to pretend that your eye is itchy and touch your face. Discuss your relationship status during the conversation.

  • I hope someday to be your emergency contact.
  • I didn’t plan on specializing, but you seem pretty special to me.
  • You’d better be a cardiologist, because something about you makes me want to give you my heart.
  • That pulsation in my femoral sheath isn’t coming from an artery.
  • Excuse me, I think you dropped something: My jaw.
  • I wish I was your coronary artery, so that I could be wrapped around your heart.
  • Is that a Laryngoscope handle in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
  • Wanna join the code 3 club?
  • Do you believe in love at first site, or do I have to walk by again?
  • Can I be your ophthalmologist ‘cause I can’t stop looking into your eyes.
  • Wanna see if we can drown out the siren?
  • Is your name Flecainide? Because I think you just made my heart skip a beat.
  • The way you ask me leaves me aphasic.
  • I can make your heart skip a beat. No really, I’m certified to do it!
  • Ever slept with an EMT? Want to?
  • Are you my appendix? Because I don’t understand how you work, but this feeling in my stomach makes me want to take you out.
  • My love for you is like diarrhea. I can’t hold it in.
  • Am I attracted to you or is it just volatile blood sugars?
  • Baby, you make me vasodilate!
  • I am an organ donor, need anything?
  • Playing doctor is for kids…let’s play gynecologist!”
  • Wanna feel safe tonight? Sleep with an EMT.
  • I need a life. Please lower your standards and go out with me.
  • Fire Fighters play with their hoses, I bring the bed
  • Baby you’re so sweet you’re gonna put me in DKA!
Doctor Pick Up Lines
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